faqs - Frequent Asked Questions


We hope to make your renew car insurance as easy as possible. Below is the list of commonly asked questions about motor car insurance renewal. If none of these questions/answer address your concern, please feel free to contact us.


1) Is Your Insurance Premium Cheaper?
Comprehensive and Motor Third Party Fire and Theft will be  liberalised. Liberalisation will drive fairer ways of pricing premium/takaful contributions based on risk profiles, which will encourage road users to be more responsible. Comparison of motor insurance premiums/takaful contributions before and after liberalisation:

Before 1 July 2017 - Determined by tariff rates based on model,  age and engine capacity of vehicles, and discounts in the form of NCD.

After 1 July  2017 - Determined by individual insurance companies and takaful operatorsbased on individual risk profile.


2) How Do I know My NCD (No-Claim Discount)?
Your NCD entitlement is usually mentioned in your renewal notice from your existing insurer. However, you can check your NCD entitlement here. 


3) How do I know my Car Present Market Value?

It is important that you do not under-insured your car. Find out your car present value based on your car make/model via Insurance Company Agreed Value.


4) May I know the Policy coverage and benefits from Allianz Motor Comprehensive Cover?

As your motor car insurance will be under-written by Allianz, we encourage you to read about their Product Disclosure Sheet to better understand Allianz Motor Comprehensive Cover here. 


5) Do you cover all type of vehicles?

Yes, we do cover all types of Motor Insurance.


6) Do you provide any emergency roadside assistance? How can I reach them?

Yes, it is Allianz Auto Assist (AAA). It is 24 hours a day, 365 days that can be reached at 1800-88-6278 and 03-21613960. Or ETiQa Hotline: 1300-13-8888


7) What’s a “NO CLAIM DISCOUNT” (NCD) entitlement?

No Claim Discount (NCD) is given to the policy holders upon renewal of motor insurance policy if no claim was made against your policy within 12 months coverage. Once you have claimed on the motor insurance then your NCD will be forfeited and falls back to 0%.


8) Will I lose my NCD if I make a claim?

If any claim is made on your motor insurance policy during the period of cover, your NCD will be forfeited and revert to 0%. You will have to start to accumulate your discount in a new cycle. However, this excludes no-fault Own Damage claim and windscreen claim, provided if an additional cover for windscreen is purchased.


9) If I have insured more than one vehicle, will the same NCD apply for all?

No, one NCD percentage can only be applied to one vehicle only.


10) Can I transfer my company registered car’s NCD to my personal car?

No. You can only transfer your NCD to another vehicle that belongs to you (registered under your own name).


11) How much do I insure my vehicle for?

You are advised to cover your car based on Allianz agreed value at the time of renewal.

Example: In the event if your car is under-insured (insured for a sum less than it’s Allianz agreed value) at the time of any loss of damage, the Average Clause in the policy will apply when the insurance company settles your car insurance claims. You shall bear the difference and the rateable proportion of the loss when the market value of your car at the time of loss exceeds the insured value. For example, if your car is under-insured by 20% than its market value, the insurance company will compensate you 20% less for each claim.

If your car is over-insured (insured for a sum more than its Allianz agreed value) at the time of any loss of damage, the insurance company will settle your claims enough to cover the loss incurred up to the market value of your car. If you over-insured your vehicle, you would have paid higher but unnecessary premiums.


12) What should I do when I meet an accident?

After an incident that could lead to a claim you should notify Allianz immediately by calling the Allianz Accident Roadside Assistance (ARSA) Hotline: 1-800-22-5542 if you required towing service to send your car to Allianz approved panel workshop only. (Please note thatthe towing service is only cater for Comprehensive Cover).

If there is a third party vehicle involved, note down the vehicle registration number, nature of  damage sustained and the insurer concerned. And if the third party is injured, note down the  injuries suffered and if possible the personal details such as name, age, contact address, telephone number, etc.

Lodge Police Report within 24 hours and send your insured vehicle to Allianz approved panel workshop. Should you require any claim advice and guidance, please contact Allianz customer service or your nearest Allianz branch.


13) How do I get my car repair after accident happen?

You may send your car to any of Allianz or ETiQa approved panel workshop nationwide. Allianz & ETiQa approved panel workshop will undertake to arrange the repairs.


14) What is an excess?

The excess is the first amount of claim borne by insured. For example, insured total claim amount is RM4,000 and have an excess of RM500 on your motor insurance, Allianz will settle the RM3,500 and insured will have to pay the balance of RM500 before the workshop release your vehicle.


15) What is the compulsory excess for my car?

You will be charged a compulsory excess of RM400 as stated under endorsement 2F of the Schedule if you allow your car to be driven by the following:
- who is under the Age of 21 years
- who is the holder of a Provisional (L) driving license
- who is the holder of a Full driving license of less than 2 years
- who is not named in the Schedule
- named in the Schedule who is less than the age of 21 years and/or the holder of a provisional (L) driving license and/or the holder of a Full driving license of less than 2 years.


16) What is loading?

Loading is an additional surcharge imposed on the basic premium rate to cover high risk exposure. Examples of risk factors for loading are driver age/named drivers’ age, age of vehicle, claim experience, high performance/sports car.


17) How many named drivers can be included in the insurance coverage?

You can name two drivers (yourself and other) for free. However, you may also name four (4) additional drivers under your motor insurance for a small charge of RM10 per person.


18) Do I need to inform Insurance company  of any changes of engine to my car?

Yes, you are required to inform, because change of engine may change the risk exposure and premium amount charged.